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I did go to Kerala and I did report on the situation: Indira Gandhi

That year a communist government came to power in Kerala. This attracted a lot of attention abroad because for the first time this had happened through constitutional means.But I want to say some thing about Kerala because the Marxists are always accusing me of having brought their government. My recollections is that Mr. Namboothiripad, who was the Chief Minister,did make a statement to the effect that the law and order situation was entirely in their control, there was a public demand for a change of government.But it could now have been done had the Central Government not been willing . I did go to Kerala and I did report on the situation. My own opinion would not have changed things.The fact is that my father probably was not happy about the situation.I know Feroze was not happy about it. But I also know that people like Mr.Pant,the then Home Minister and others were determined that it should happen.So my part was not as important as it is now made out to have been.

I never argued with the President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, at any stage.I either went to the limit of my contacts among people,such as Mr. Dhebar, my predecessor, or Mr. Shastri or Mr. Govind Vallabh Pant. I did talk to anybody else.Later on Mr.T.T.Krishnamachari used to come frequently to see my father and as he often had to wait , I got to know him well and then I talked freely with him .But I never had a discussion with the President so far as I can remember. I may have just gone and reported to him but I would never argue with him.

Taken from ‘My Truth’ presented by Emmanuel Pouchpadass; p.74